DX Manager Editor And Librarian


DX Manager is a patch editor and librarian for the Yamaha DX7 and compatible synthesizers.

DXM works with the MK1 and Mk2 DX7, TX7, TX802, DX21, DX27, DX100, TX81Z, DX11 and FB01.

The current version, DXM 5.3, is free to download for a 30-day trial and $20 to buy.

Upgrades and technical support are free and unlimited.

DXM5 is Vista/7/8/8.1/10 compatible.

For a WinXP version of DXM please click here.

Check the DXM5 release history here.


New for DXM5

  • DXM5 introduces Patch Viewer support for all synths except the MK1 DX7. This feature allows you to see at a glance all patch types on your synth.
  • Select and download any or all patches directly into a Patch Explorer or Tool editor window.
  • Patches can be dragged to any open Patch Explorer or Tool editor window.
  • Full support for the Yamaha FB01 tone generator including voice and configuration patch editing as well as hardware controller support.
  • A virtual MIDI keyboard and customisable Color Themes are further new additions.


Keep Track of What's On Your Synth

  • Patch Viewer keeps track of all patch types on your synth.
  • Download patches, banks or everthing in one go, automatically opening editors.
  • Drag and drop patch selections to new files.
  • Patch Viewer is implemented for all supported synths except the MK1DX7.

Comprehensive Patch Management

  • Organise your patches however you want.
  • Work with a familiar Explorer style interface.
  • Create your own patch folder groupings.
  • Scan files to weed out duplicate patches.
  • Drag and drop patches around/between files.
  • Browse to audition patches.

Real-Time Visual Patch Editing

  • "Hear as you edit" - just drag the graph markers and hear how the sound changes.
  • Use a hardware controller instead of the mouse.
  • Work on all parameters in a single window.
  • Work on multiple patches simultaneously.
  • Edit voices, performances, functions, microtunings, fractional scalings, effects, system setups etc.
  • Drag and drop any data between editors/files.

On-Board Behringer B-Control 2000 Rotary Editor

  • Get pre-programmed controller settings for your synth. Master Template includes 32 Presets covering most DX/TX models.
  • Integrated Preset, Control and Global parameter editing.
  • Select MIDI Parameter Change, Channel and Control Messages from drop down lists - no need to hand crank sysex.
  • Use the Script Editor for advanced message editing.

Feature Summary